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Be a Champion at Parenting

Be a Champion at Parenting

Be a Champion at ParentingBe a Champion at Parenting


Distressing deals with releasing negative energy and receiving positive energy.  The stressing could also mean that you use negative feelings and or situations and create something positive out of it.  When we are going through any type of negative or stressful situation, it does not hurt to allow that situation to be motivation to create something productive and positive.  Say for instance, I am very angry and upset I could hit someone.  However, since I feel the need to hit something and release some type of negative emotions and actions why not go exercise.?  Exercising is a way of releasing negative energy especially if you do something intense.

The body is known for sending messages throughout.  These messages serve the purpose of providing signals/warnings for us to take action of some sort.  When we are tired, sick, excited, happy, etc.… we understand because of the messages that our bodies send to the brain.  When the brain receives the messages from our bodies then our bodies sends a signal and actions, or motions began.

Everyone needs to have moments away from the norm however don't forget to plan moments together. De stressing requires and adequate amount of both situations.  We all need outlets. We as parents find it difficult at times to take breaks.  Many of us actually think that we can’t take break. Create time at night once you have put the children to bed and spend some alone time with yourself.  Always remember to take a break.  As a parent you must take time out for yourself.  Learn that the child may need to vent ABOUT YOU and just period.  It may not be about you

Just as momma and/or daddy need a break, so does our children.  Everyone needs a break or a moment to reflect.  Breaks and outlets provide that much needed reflection time to breath and reevaluate our existence and purposes. As for children it is a time for them to find what preferred outlets will help them to de stress now as a child and possibly in the future.  And why not?!!  It may also bring out that hidden talent. 

Music- Listening to music is a beautiful thing.  Music is POWERFUL.  Music creates various moods.  Music will certainly make you either forget about stress or relax you to the point where you are able to THINK clearly and analyze the situation.  REFLECT!! Listening or playing it, Let the Music Take Your Mind…. Thank you Mr. Smokey Robinson (Smile)....  We find that even most students will work very hard while listening to music in the classroom setting.  OMG and how about cleaning the house?  Yes!  Cleaning while listening to music is THERAPY

Writing- Have you ever been so angry that you began to write and/or text someone and you decide to let them have it in your message? However just as you are ready to hit send, you decide to delete.  Why? Because you only needed to vent at that moment.  Venting is an important coping mechanism and it doesn’t always have to be heard.  It only needs to come out. When thinking of reducing stress and getting certain things off of your chest, it is also positive energy that goes into creating something good. So, what we mean here is that sometimes you have to take all the negative energy that you may be feeling and let it come out into something great that will be beneficial for you and even the situation at hand.

Exercise- Exercise is great for becoming healthy. It is one of the best methods becoming physically fit exercise is used to perfect things in general namely parts of the body.

Therapy- Fortunately there are many examples of therapy. There are many techniques that can be used as such. For example, there is Art therapy music therapy psychological therapy mental therapy- Just to name a few.  Rather you seek professional help or not, there are many ways in which you can seek to relieve stress. 

Sit in Silence- The peace of mind the total and complete silence awards us.  If you’re able to find a quiet place to relax and analyze your stress triggers.

Projects- Find something positive to do. Community service is rewarding and definitely can serve as a stress reliever especially when you see positive outcomes of your efforts.  Taking your situation and researching ways that may help you to help others in the same or similar can be beneficial.

Research- Don't be afraid to research and look up ways to relieve stress. You must understand that if you are stressed that others share similar feelings and emotions of being overwhelmed at times. Fortunately, you do have people out here who are willing to share information based on their experiences that may help others such as yourself.


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