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Be a Champion at Parenting

Be a Champion at Parenting

Be a Champion at ParentingBe a Champion at Parenting


Exercise and physical activity are ways to support a healthy heart.  Exercise is a great way to become physically fit. It also promotes a healthy heart.  Children are energetic by nature and so moving should not be a problem in most cases.  We can all agree to have seen various levels of energetic children, day in and day out.  They simply love to move especially when they are young.  However, with the increase of technology and the digital age, exercise and physical movements are not as prevalent in many children nor adults today. Creating exciting and fun ways to move will inspire and lure them away from the lackadaisical way.

There are options in movement.  How great it is that you and your children have choices.  Exercise and physical activity should not be confined to one selection and you do not have to spend a ton of money.   If you listen to your child(ren), you will probably come up with many creative ways to get into it. Outdoor workouts vs Indoor workouts makes it all possible.  Have these conversations with your children and decide to develop a plan.  Whatever you all decide to do just know that it is perfectly fine to be spontaneous.  Here are great examples but not limited to and engage in the following activities;

  • Fast pace walking 
  • Running
  • Bicycling
  • Swim
  • Dancing

Help children to understand the effects of exercising as early as possible.  Many adults have never been interested in exercise and it was not stressed to them growing up. Unfortunately, this subject does not come up in many homes and therefore it is likely that this continues to be passed down to next generations.