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Be a Champion at Parenting

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Financial Literacy Tips

Money and finances are an important part of life. As parents, we are responsible to teach our children the value of a dollar. We have to educate our children to ensure they don’t make the same mistakes we once made and to avoid potential mishaps. Financial literacy should begin at childhood. Teaching children at an early age, will ensure they will mature as a financial responsible adults. Here are some important financial literacy tips:

Start a habit of saving money - encourage your child to save at least 10% of their earnings. Monies should be put into a savings account. Children should be encouraged to earn income through entrepreneurship opportunities. Creating a lemonade stand, baby sitting, or offering lawn service are all services that people are willing to pay for and a good opportunity for children to earn income.  

Budgeting is essential - allow your child to view your budgeting system and be interactive with your child when it’s time to pay scheduled bills. Teach your child an effective budgeting system and payment schedule. Allowing your child to model your budgeting behavior will allow them to develop effective skills that will be rewarding to their future.

Shop around - teach your child that although it’s tempting to see something we like and buy it on the spot, but waiting for a couple of months until it goes on sale or go online to see if item is less expensive. Bargain shopping allows your child to be aware of additional and less expensive options.

Avoid credit cards, if possible - credit cards should be used in case of an emergency and when used the amount charge should be less than 20% of available credit. Frequent spending above 20% impacts your credit score. Credit scores pay a huge role in our lives and ultimately determine our livelihoods.  

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