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Be a Champion at Parenting

Be a Champion at Parenting

Be a Champion at ParentingBe a Champion at Parenting

healthy eating

Healthy living is what you do to improve your quality of life.  Eating, drinking, exercise, avoiding stress, avoiding harmful toxins and getting proper rest are elements that would support a healthier lifestyle.  A variety of studies show that just under 3% of Americans live a healthy lifestyle.  Unfortunately, decisions to live a healthy lifestyle is difficult when cost is a factor. That is the perception for many.  Speaking from research and experience unhealthy meals are cheaper and quicker.  Hence the reference fast food.

When thinking of healthy living, many tend to only think of daily diet and exercise.  Although both are true, healthy living is a total and complete process of selecting what will improve your quality of life and avoiding what will harm the body.  Consider that the body has five senses and so everything that you touch, feel, see, smell and hear can ultimately affect the body’s health. Fortunately, we can control a large amount of what we take in and we can control some of what we release.  

Review the following questions as a checklist;

  • Are you visiting the doctor’s office regularly?
  • Are you exercising and eating healthy? 
  • Do you drink the recommended 8 glasses of water per day?
  • When you are out in the sunlight, are you wearing sunblock and sunglasses? 
  • Are you up to date with your dental visits?
  • Are you keeping your distance and avoiding second hand smoke?
  • Are you getting enough sleep? 
  • Are you keeping calm and avoiding stressful situations? 
  • Do you map out personal time for yourself? 
  • Do you monitor the level of noise that your ears receive? 

Answering yes to the above questions means that you consider and are conscious of how you treat your body.  For the sake of building better lives and creating healthier lifestyles for our children, As Champion Parents, we want to get to where we can answer YES!

Beginning a Healthy New Lifestyle 
Making the decision to live a new and healthy lifestyle is beneficial for you and your children.  Remember that you are a Champion Parent and must make the best decisions to provide for your children.  Incorporating nutritional substances, choosing exercises and physical activities, avoiding the harmful elements and toxins would surely support your efforts and add value to your existence. When children learn at an early age, the content learned becomes habit forming. Unfortunately, many wait decide to become health conscious as they get older and risk health factors.  Beginning today for you and your children is an awesome decision.  

If you take your health serious the impressionable eyes of your children will be inspired to follow suit and may even decide to go a step further.  There are many options that you can chose to be effective at making lifestyles changes with your children. It is always wise that you consult with a healthcare physician when choosing lifestyle changes and exercise regimens.

Why is eating healthy important?  
Eating healthy promotes beautiful skin, healthy weight, a good heart rate, flexible body and high energy.  

Eating Healthy
What does it mean to eat healthy?  Eating foods that will provide nutritional benefits to portions of the body or to the total body. We must think in terms of healthy foods as healing agents and unhealthy foods as destructive to the body.

This earth is full of natural substances for us to indulge in.  Eating healthy is simple as making sure to include an adequate amount of fruits, vegetables, proteins and vitamins in your daily eating schedules. It is important to focus on healthy eating habits and teach our children how to do so as well.  This means that we take the time to properly prepare meals that would include healthy choices.

As a parent we sometimes struggle when it comes to choosing healthy meals and making quick decisions for our children. Especially the duties of life call upon us to make decisions right away.  Money shouldn’t be an issue or hindrance when thinking providing, however, let’s be real! Money can certainly determine rather or not we will spend cheap and fast or high and slow.  Money can also be an issue when good quality health facilities cost big bucks and the cheaper food is usually the unhealthy stuff.  Healthier choices on the typical fast-food menu is usually more expensive.